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My Life

My name is Tatiana Lorena Rojas Gómez.

I was born on April 2 of 1999, in the hopital San Francisco of Ibagué. Currently i have 14 years.

They are my family, thanks to them I am the person I am.

My dad is Germán Rolando Rojas Sánchez, his ocupation is administrator. He's the best dad in the world, i love him a lot and always find the spirit to keep fighting for my dreams.

My mom is Marly Johana Gómez Palomar, her ocupaton is housewife. My mom always understand me and encourage me know, i thank God for giving me a mom like her.

We are three brothers and I'm the oldest, my brothers are Santiago and Alejandro . Despiite the fights, we're inseparable and make my life happier.

I live in balkanes, in the block 17, house 28. I live with my family.

I like to eat spaghetti, sounds like a delicious dish.

My favorite sport is basketball, because i've always played this and i finid it very funny. Plus i exercise my body.

I am a very person, easy and sociable, i like a lot of fun with my especially my best friend Laura Gamboa. I like to spend time with her, tease and laugh.

I want to study medicine at the university of Tolima and specialize in pediatrics, has been my dream since childhood, is that i will be an excellent doctor.

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University of Tolima.

My biggest fear is to oviparous animals, do not know why but i was very young i have had panic.

My pet is schnauzer, its name is Lucas and is 1 years old, my faithful friend and companion of my sorrows and joys.

Holidays in city of Bogotá with my dad and my brother, We went to visit shopping malls and spend a weekend.

This is my facebook and I do not use often.

I want to live in the city of Barranquilla, because it is a new environment and know news people.

This is my boyfriend, i know long ago and trust in he.

This is my room, i like to spend much time here, I feel very calm.

This is my photo "ñera" when I took my laughed a lot.

They are my friends, i like spending time with them and are very important in my life.

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